Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mornings in Taiwan

Greetings from Taiwan:

I've also attached a picture of what many of my mornings look like -- eating breakfast, responding to e-mails and training for Gloritrek! This morning was especially nice -- two e-mails in particular!  What a blessing!

One couple who has never met us, in Joplin, MO, wrote:  
"My sweet friend, Angela contacted me through facebook this morning to tell me about Gloritrek and her friends from Taiwan needing a place to stay while bicycling through Joplin on June 18. My husband Chris and I would love to keep your fellas at our home on that date if that works for them.  How about meals? I would love to be able to provide meals for them as well.  Just need to know what they like or more importantly what they don't like or are allergic to...We attend ...a large church in Joplin which may provide a contact for you to see if David and Noah could give their testimonies." 

Another e-mail from a fella in Georgetown, OH, which is not on our route:
"I wanted to send this quick email to introduce myself and to let you know we are praying for you and Noah as you prepare for your trip, “Gloritrek”.  It is so exciting to read about your “Gloritrek” and I am looking forward to meeting you when you travel through the Cincinnati area.  Thanks for  connecting with me on Facebook and we will be praying for your need for host churches. Is there anything specific we can be praying for on your behalf?  May God truly bless you and give you many opportunities to share the gospel for Christ."

Thank you for your partnership with us in Gloritrek!  

All for God's Glory Among the Nations,
David, Brenda and Noah Atkin