Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 6 - May 24 - Salome to Wickenburg, AZ

Day 6 - May 24 - Salome to Wickenburg, AZ (58 miles)

We got up early to beat the heat and we were all shocked by temps in the high 50's or low 60's.  That didn't last long.  By noon it was well over 100 degrees.  Despite a head wind, slight uphill climb for all but the last few miles and 3 flat tires -- we made good time to Wickenburg.  If you want to keep track of flats it is Noah 2, Luey 2, Andy 1 and Dave 0.  The four of us are having a contest -- the one with the most flats buys dinner in NYC!  :-)

We're staying here in Wickenburg with a Pastor Victor and his wife Christy.  We had a wonderful dinner next door tonight, overlooking the desert with the full moon rising!  Luey and Andy loved that we had rice!  And, it was great sharing with these folks about UPG's (Unreached People Groups) and Taiwan!  Wonderful hospitality here in Wickenburg -- even a pool!

Tomorrow, early, we head south-east to Phoenix to see Chuck & Kathy Foreman, and share with First Christian Church!   Can't wait to see our old friends!

Thanks for praying!

Day 5 - May 23 - Bryce, CA to Salome, AZ

Day 5 - May 23 - Bryce, CA to Salome, AZ - (63 miles)

We were finally able to leave I-10 and California, and happy to do so!  It's not that riding on the side of the freeway was especially dangerous. It wasn't bad, and the trucks whizzing by actually gave us a boost of wind.  No, we were glad to leave because it's just really remote out in the CA desert!

We were nearly out of water again when Brenda saved us!  Brenda, AZ; that is!  Brenda is a little oasis in the desert for snow-birds.  It was all closed up for the winter, except for one retiree who was kind enough to open a door and let us fill water.  Another time we we stopped at a house that looked occupied, and the nice lady gave us a real treat water and ice!

I was reminded of how short our life span would be without water.  Jesus, being the "Water of Life" for those who thirst for righteousness -- a well for the weary.  What would life be like if your thirst was never quenched?  These thoughts keep us going!

We stayed in the little village of Salome, which has a small motel, a Mexican restaurant and a little grocery store -- everything we needed!  We celebrated my 50th birthday with a big piece of strawberry shortcake!  Luey & Andy loved it too!

BTW, Noah has been the real rock star the last couple of days -- a strange kid that doesn't seem to be bothered by the 110 degree heat.  He enjoys setting the pace and has plowed through headwinds like a real prow.  I think the only way we'll slow him down is to put more weight in his panniers!

Thanks for praying!