Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 34 - June 21 - Lebanon to Rolla, MO

Day 34 - June 21 - Lebanon to Rolla, MO (57 miles)

We got an early start this morning from Lebanon for two reasons:  1)  to beat the heat, 2) to get an early jump on the hills.  In 57 miles we climbed more than 2500 ft.  It was a really nice morning, and we were encouraged by David and Cammie, from Springfield, who drove by us on I-44 honking and waving!  Cheered on, we arrived in Rolla after only 2 flats (both mine -- #12 and #13), at about 11:30.

We were welcomed by the Christian Campus Fellowship at Missouri University of Science and Technology.  The campus minister, Allen Scofield, is a graduate of Central Christian College, in Moberly; and knows many of our Team Expansion co-workers in Taiwan!  It was great hearing his testimony, and how the Lord is blessing their ministry!

Tonight we have been welcomed by the Chinese Fellowship that meets every Friday evening at the Greentree Christian Church, here in Rolla.  They treated us to a wonderful dinner at a local Asian restaurant, and now we are at the church.  Worship will begin soon, and I will have opportunity to share with them in Chinese!  What doors the Lord is opening for us!  What a blessing!

Tomorrow we are on to St. Louis, and the Christian Church, in Ferguson.  We will be staying with Chad Edwards' parents -- and they have a pool!  :-)

Pictures will come tomorrow!
Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy