Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 21 - June 8 - Amarillo, TX (Rest Day)

Day 21 - June 8 - Amarillo, TX (Rest Day)

Have you ever heard of Palo Duro Canyon?  I hadn't, until we arrived in Amarillo!  Lennie McCay, the Assoc Minister at Washington Ave Christian Church has been a terrific host!  We had steak last night, B-B-Q for lunch today and visited Palo Duro Canyon this morning!

Palo Duro Canyon is like a mini Grand Canyon.  It's really a beautiful place!  Check it out in our pictures, or visit it the next time you are passing through Texas!  Really amazing!

Brenda arrived safely into Portland yesterday, and is staying with some of our friends that lived in Taiwan!  Vu and Sandy were Em & Tab's volleyball coaches!  Brenda will also be spending time with our good friends, Alex and Vanessa.  Alex and Vu both work for Nike!

Tonight we are relaxing and watching "Facing the Giants" with Chinese subtitles!

Thank you, Lord, for rest days like these!  Tomorrow we'll worship with the Washington Ave Church! Where will you worship?

Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey & Andy