Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 69 - July 26 - Malvern to East Canton, OH

Day 69 - July 26 - Malvern to East Canton, OH (12 mi)

No, that's not a mis-type -- only 12 miles today from Kevin and Cindy's home, to the church building in Malvern and then on to Indian Run Christian Church.  We had a great day today!

We spent the late morning into the afternoon at a lake nearby Malvern.  The church had arranged for a boat and picnic at the lake.  Lots of folks came out for the picnic -- a great time of fellowship.  Several of us attempted to stay on a tube, pulled by Vaughn's boat.  It was like riding a wild bull!  We were also surprised to see Tyler and Tanner Vincent, from Livonia, MI; whose grandparents, John and Mona, live on a farm outside of Malvern.  John is celebrating his 75th birthday on Monday!  Anyway, we've known the Vincent's for 30 years -- since I was an intern at Indian Run.  Tyler Vincent just graduated from the Air Force Academy and is on his way to Pensacola to learn to fly jets!  Tanner may follow in big brother's footsteps!  I mention all these because many years ago the Lord used the Indian Run Church, and the Vincent family in particular kind of adopted me into their family.  What a blessing to fellowship with all these fine folks!

Later, there were about a dozen of us that biked the 6 miles from Malvern to Indian Run, ranging in age  from about 15 to 65.  Brenda, Noah, Mack and Elaine arrived in Malvern in time for Noah to ride with us!  We had a great time following the Gloritrek signs.  There were also a photographer and journalist tracking us.  When we arrived at Indian Run, they had supper waiting on us -- a potluck dinner and BBQ.  Luey had three desserts!  I had coconut creme pie!  Wonderful!

Indian Run hosted a Gloritrek event, and it was wonderful to see so many who were such a blessing 30 years ago, as well as those who have partnered with us over the last 15 years in Taiwan!  Terry Bailey, the preacher, has another book coming out soon -- looking forward to it.  His first book, a Christian science fiction book, "The Pilate Plot," should be made into a movie!  Luey and Andy learned to play the Corn Holes game with Terry -- they had a great time!

We stayed with another couple who has had a huge impact in our lives -- Larry and Sharon Smith.  SO many memories!  What a blessing to be a part of the family of God!  What a difference the love of Christ makes!  How utterly lost are those who do not know the Author of grace!  How utterly hopeless must be those who place their hope in the stuff of earth, rather than the Source of love!  What are we, who have received blessing upon blessing, willing to do so than those who have not heard will have opportunity to experience the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy