Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 72 - July 29 - Alliance, OH to Barkeyville, PA

Day 72 - July 29 - Alliance, OH to Barkeyville, PA (78 mi)

After breakfast with the Hoover's, we went to the church where Kevin and Cindy were waiting to join us for the next couple days.  Mark Black joined us for prayer, and we set out on a very chilly morning -- in the low 50's.  Cindy drove ahead and helped us navigate the country highways.  Great to have Kevin riding with us too!  The weather was cool today, with a slight tail-breeze!  Thank you, Lord!

Before 10 AM, we had said good-bye to Ohio and hello to Pennsylvania!  We had a wonderful time sharing with churches in my home state!  Except for one evening, we were booked solid each day, and the message of Gloritrek was well received!  PTL!  UNfortunately, through PA, we have not one opportunity to share!  We had several folks trying hard -- but the door seems closed to us and the Gloritrek message.  Hmmm.....

Meanwhile, Leslie Stobel took Brenda to the Akron/Canton Airport to pick up our van for the week.  Brenda and Noah arrived at our final destination today about the same time we did!

Almost immediately, as we rode into PA, the hills began to get a little longer and a little steeper.  Altogether we did more than 3,500 ft of climbing today!  Our average speed stayed fairly high, though, at 13.7 MPH.  We took a couple breaks, especially in Amish country at a cheese factory.  I really wanted to buy some fudge.  Didn't though!  In addition to dodging potholes, we now also need to watch out for horse manure on the road!  :-)  We rode a little farther than we had planned -- to Barkeyville, PA; arriving by 2 PM.

We hope to do a little farther tomorrow, maybe evening going beyond DuBois; maybe even to Clearfield, PA -- a distance of 92 miles.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey, Andy and Kevin (Brenda, Cindy and Noah too)

Day 70 - July 27 - East Canton to Canton, OH

Day 70 - July 27 - East Canton to Canton, OH (15 mi)

We set out on our 70th day late this morning to ride from Indian Run Christian Church (south of East Canton), to the north-side First Christian Church, in Canton.  I put it that way because we rode a whopping 15 fairly hilly miles, all in a light rain.  Oh, that all days were as ching-song as the last couple days!  "Ching-song" means "easy, relaxing," in Chinese.  Did I mention that we actually had a refreshment station mid-way between Malvern and Indian Run yesterday evening?  What a blessing!

Now, we are so use to refreshment stations, we had to make our own on the way to FCC -- we stopped at Taco Bell!  Leslie Strobel, on the missions team met us there.  Dan Stoffer, FCC's interim minister and a Timothy, met us at the church building.  Greg and Vicki Rush, members of FCC were also there, and are hosting Luey and Andy, as well as entertaining us all for dinner.

We are looking forward to tomorrow -- to worship with FCC!  Like Malvern and Indian Run, FCC, here in Canton, has been with us since the beginning, since we went to Taiwan 15 years ago!  Why is FCC one of our partners in ministry?  That's truly one of the ironies of the family of God!  Why?  Paper airplanes!

When I was just a lad, I enjoyed creating and flying paper airplanes.  The balcony to the baptistry of the old FCC church building, here in Canton, presented a unique challenge.  Could a paper airplane glide 250 feet, and land in the drink?  I made it my mission to find out!  Let's just say -- I GOT BUSTED -- it wasn't pretty!  Years later, however, the FCC brethren, full of grace, pardoned this lad who still likes paper airplanes!  They even decided to partner with us in Taiwan!  They even helped pay for more than a one-way ticket!  :-)

If only the 7,162 UPG's could one day experience the grace of God that we have experienced over and over again!  To this end we ride!  Lord willing, one week from today -- see you in NYC!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 71 - July 28 - Worship Day

Day 71 - July 28 - Worship Day (12 mi)

First Christian, in Canton, hosted us on this Lord's Day morning.  Andy and Luey had stayed with a couple in the church, Greg and Vicki Bush.  Wonderful people!  We were in a hotel, because there was five of us (us and Brenda's folks).  FCC's building and especially their sanctuary, is state-of-the-art.  Many, many folks put in many, many hours to insure that the worship services are the best for the best -- the King of Kings!

During the first service, Brenda and Noah spoke to the youth in an adjacent building.  I think Noah mostly did his Chinese yo-yo and Brenda did most of the speaking.  In the second service, Noah came up on stage with me and did his yo-yo during the intro to my message.  Noah did great, and the message was well received.  Several people came forward during the decision time.  After the service, a  young lady came and asked me to pray with her.  She has been battling depression, and the Holy Spirit really ministered to her heart during the message.  PTL!

We had a great lunch with the missions team following the two services.  It was great seeing Ryan Wolfe and his family, and to hear how FCC is ministering to people with disabilities.  What a blessing they are to many -- a real model to be emulated!  And, the missions team is really on the ball -- a fine bunch of folks!  Thanks, Leslie Stobel, for coordinating our weekend with you!

Did I mention that I drove a 'Vette today!?!  Greg Bush has an '02 Corvette convertible which is amazing!  He took us for a spin in it, and also let me drive it!  Wow!  We finally tore ourselves away from Canton, and rode the 12 miles to Beechwood Christian Church, in Alliance.  Mark Black, who use to bin Malvern, is the minister here.  They were hosting Marvin Whiteman, a Christian musician who happens to be blind -- but, he sees more than most!  He is an amazing pianist and vocalist!  What a powerful testimony he shared!  We also shared for about 10 minutes about UPG's.

It was a great night, which ended at Larry and Bonnie Hoover's home.  A late supper and a tour of Larry's workshop were the perfect end to our day!  One week left to NYC -- through the mountains of PA!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy