Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 1 - May 19 - Christ's Church, Griffith Park (Worship Day)

Day 1 - May 19 - Christ's Church, Griffith Park, CA

We're here in Huntington Beach, CA; at the Best Western Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Tomorrow we begin riding!

Over the weekend we were hosted by Christ's Church of Griffith Park, near Burbank.  Bruce Flennor, serves as the minister.  Bruce and Tanya were a tremendous blessing to us, as Bruce picked us up from the airport, and Tanya took us around LA, and they also brought us down to Huntington Beach.  What a blessing!  Luey and Andy stayed with a retired evangelist, Jim; who has the most amazing garden!

This Lord's Day morning, it was evident that the Lord was working among the congregation!  And, we had an all-church BBQ after. Later, we were blessed to meet Bruce's brother and his family, who are headed to E. Asia as medical missionaries.  Please pray for Paul, and his family of six!  I think we were and encouragement to them, as Paul was to us -- even removing a splinter from my finger!

Tomorrow is a big day -- can't believe it is finally here!  Thank you for praying for us!