Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 4 - May 22 - Palm Desert to Blythe, CA

Day 4 - Palm Desert to Blythe, CA (107 miles - 14 hours)

The longest day ever recorded in the history of mankind -- 110F!  The quote Chuck Foreman, in Phoenix, "You are insane!"  I must agree!

We must thank George & Nancy Stocks -- they went way beyond the call of duty!  Amazing!  Truly, they were angels to us!

We're in a nice hotel tonight, and only 61 miles tomorrow!  PTL!

The Lord provided an awesome tailwind most of the day -- the only way we could finish.  Thank you for praying!  I thought often about why we are doing this, and was reminded of the 7,126 unreached people groups.  If by cycling 108 miles in the desert could save 7,126 people -- would you do it, no matter how painful.  Well, imagine it's not 7,126 people -- it's really 3 billion souls.  Without Christ, they are all lost;  and those who know the only Way, the Truth and the Life -- do they not owe it to those who don't to be a part of declare God's glory among the nations?  What am I willing to give for them -- right now every muscle in my body is telling us that today we gave all we had!

Noah is doing well -- he got a reprieve - thanks to George.  Noah was given an escort to our midway point, and got to sleep in until 10 AM.  Needless to say, he was the first to the hotel and ate a whole steak by himself!

Thank you for praying!  BTW, thanks to a couple guys who have worked diligently to hook us up with host -- Mike in Georgetown, OH; and David in Monticello -- I owe you guys a big hug and a dinner!