Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 74 - July 31 - Clearfield to Burnham, PA

Day 74 - July 31 - Clearfield to Burnham, PA (72 mi)

The day began like many others -- foggy and cool (low 50's).  We biked SE on HWY 322, a two lane highway that climbs and falls through the PA mountains.  We were headed toward College Station, and Penn State University.  The mountains of PA are long, both the ascents and descents; sometimes 5 or 6 miles up, and 5 or 6 miles down.  Climbing at 8 MPH, and descending at 30 MPH.  We went down one of these long hills -- more than 3 miles of descent, and all of a sudden we are on an interstate!  Yikes!

For the second time we came upon a state trooper!  Our second day, in CA, that didn't end well!  "Did we miss a turn?"  I asked.  "Yes, but so do a lot of people!"  So, he let us go on to College Station.  We rode through College Station and Penn St., where Brenda and Noah caught up to us.  It took forever to figure out where we could get back on HWY 322.  (BTW, we have diverted from our original map, and are headed SE toward US 22, and hope to approach NYC from NJ and US22.  We plan to cross over the Hudson on the ferry, rather than to bike over the GW bridge.  This all came about from a couple of long-haul truckers along I-80.)

In the afternoon we climbed over the "7 Mountains" range, which included a 3 1/2 mile downhill!  We hit speeds of 40 MPH, but don't tell Brenda!  Shortly thereafter, we began seeing signs that said "Motorized Vehicles Only."  So, just like that HWY 322 became four lane and off-limits!  We rode on anyway, even through another construction zone.  There really wasn't any other options!  It was a little "close," even by Taiwan standards!

We ate supper this evening at the Original Italian Restaurant.  We met the owner, Michael Bailey, who is also a church planter.  Nice fellow!  He even treated us to dinner -- even cheesecake!  If you are ever in this area, check out this restaurant -- the food was great and fellowship terrific!  God's people are truly amazing!

Three days to NYC!  Tomorrow, Lord willing, we'll find Fredericksburg, PA!
Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy (Brenda and Noah too)