Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 43 - June 30 - Monticello, IL (Worship Day)

Day 43 - June 30 - Monticello, IL (Worship Day)

The day is not over yet, but we thought we'd blog about the day as it is happening.  Andy and Luey are learning to make pizza with Bonnie and Brenda.  From the laughter coming from the kitchen, it seems they are having a great time!  On Friday, Luey and Andy learned to make ice cream, and now pizza!  It seems that Luey is destined to return to Taiwan and open a pizza and ice cream shop!

This morning we worshipped with the First Christian Church, in Monticello.  They have been partnered with us  since we went to Taiwan, 15 years ago.  The missions team is awesome!  Kathy, our FA, is also a member of this congregation.  David Papner has been a great right hand man for Gloritrek, helping to organized several Gloritrek events across the US, including Monticello's!  What a blessing these folks are!

The morning including two worship services, and a terrific fellowship lunch.  Brenda, Emily, David and Noah were all in attendance, as well as some more old friends.  It was great to see Bryce Schaffer, who interned with us two years ago and biked around Taiwan with us.  Noah spoke to the youth in "The Shed," and we're told he did well, with a little assistance from MissE (Emily).

In the afternoon, Steve drove us out to Allerton Park, a mansion on the outskirts of Monticello.  Allerton Park is hard to describe, a place where, at one time, money and power ruled!  Truly, we've never seen any place like it!

This evening, we are eating pizza, speaking at a Gloritrek event at FCC, and eating dessert afterward!  Life is really hard for the Gloritrek team!  Tomorrow it is another short riding day of about 50 miles to Newman;  and Brenda's parent's home.  Bryce Schaffer, a.k.a. "Windbreaker," will be joining us to Newman!  We are truly blessed!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 42 - June 29 - Fisher to Monticello, IL

Day 42 - June 29 - Fisher to Monticello, IL  (31 miles)

We were accompanied today by old friend, Rene Malaise.  He planned our route through Mahomet and the park bike path.  It was a beautiful ride through the country.  We arrived by 10 AM to a warm welcome in Monticello.  The missions team was well organized to receive us, and had all kinds of things scheduled for us -- including massages -- what hospitality!

We went to lunch at the local Chinese Restaurant with the missions team.  In the afternoon, David Papner took Andy and Luey to the Train Museum.  Andy was like a kid in a candy store!  In the evening, after supper  at the Worship Pastor's home, we got to go see the world's longest procession of Corvette's drive thru Monticello!  What a treat to see so many muscle cars!

We are being hosted by Steve and Bonnie Bayes.  Their son, Daniel, is on internship in Europe with College Heights and Team Expansion.  He has been to Taiwan twice and is Noah's buddy!  Saturday was a great day of fellowship with God's people here in Monticello!

Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 41 - June 28 - Fisher, IL (Rest Day)

Day 41 - June 28 - Fisher, IL  (Rest Day)

Friday was a great day!  Luey and Andy were taken several places by Bethany and Karen Harrison:  the grocery store, the fire station, and to the University of Illinois.  They also got to visit a farm where Ben Harrison works on a part-time basis.  They had a busy day.

I spent the day with Brenda and Lucy Woodcock in Champaign, shopping for supplies for the trip ahead.  Not as much fun, but necessary.

We were hosted for dinner by Karen, and then it was off to River Valley where a great crowd turned out for the Gloritrek event.  We got to see lots of old friends, and make some new ones too!

Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy