Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 47 - July 4 - Terre Haute to Ellettsville, IN

Day 47 - July 4 - Terre Haute to Ellettsville, IN (50 miles)

Happy 4th of July!  Rich and Mary Alice spent their morning fixing us breakfast!  They came home very early just to prepare us a wonderful breakfast -- everything we needed to start the day!  We set out at 6:30 AM, and in a new time zone -- our 4th on Gloritrek.

I remember saying, "It's only 50 miles today!"  I failed to mention we would be climbing more than 2000 feet, up and down little hills which got taller as we traveled east .... and steeper!  Ron and Florence Dunn (John Dunn, our co-worker from Taiwan, and younger brother of Ron), saved the steepest climb for only a mile from their home!  So, for the second day in a row, we've been spanked -- first by Rich and Pickle Ball and then by the hills of S. Indiana.

We had a nice surprise in Spencer, IN; Steve Edwards and his wife drove out to meet us.  Steve knows what it is like to go coast-to-coast, but he did it running!  He actually came through Fisher, IL; back when I was still serving there.  Steve may join us on Saturday for the ride into L'ville!

We are again stuffed!  BBQ chicken, apple pie, green beans from the garden, homemade ice cream....After fireworks tonight in Ellettsville, we'll be spending the night in Bloomington with Judy Dunn, John and Ron's mother.  She reminded me that the last time she was in Taiwan, Noah was a newborn, and  had just come home from the hospital.  She held Noah when he was just a baby!  Noah was a good baby!  Where did Brenda go wrong?!?  :-)

We're looking forward to the fireworks!  Last summer it was too dry to celebrate with fireworks!  Thank you, Lord, not for fireworks, but for freedom -- because "if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (Jn 8:36)  It is for this that we ride, so that those who have never know one moment of freedom might one day meet the author of freedom -- Jesus Christ!  May it be so Lord -- in us, in this nation and among all the 7,162 UPG's -- to the glory of God the Father!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 46 - July 3 - Newman, IL to Terre Haute, IN

Day 46 - July 3 - Newman, IL to Terre Haute, IN (54 miles)

It was not easy to leave Mack and Elaine's, to leave Brenda and Noah; and set out on an unusually cold and rainy day in July.  Not complaining, as last year at this time the temp was in the 100's, and no rain at all!  It's just that I've never gotten use to saying goodbye!

The route today was like two different courses:  one flat and one hilly!  After we passed by the Brocton Christian Church, where we were so well received on Monday evening, we ran into a light rain all the way through Paris.  From Paris we took the Old Terre Haute Rd., which winds, rises and falls on its way from IL to IN -- an ominous prelude to what is coming!  There was no sign marking the state line, only my Garmin told me we were in our 9th state.

We crossed over the Muddy Wabash River and turned south along a park bike path.  We eventually joined up with Rt 41 down to Rich and Mary Alice Winson's home.  Now, Rich and Mary Alice are the parents of Alicia Edwards, our co-worker in Taiwan.  Alicia is one of Brenda's best friends!  How many foot massages have they gotten together in Taiwan?

After lunch, Rich introduced us to Pickle Ball.  It is a cross between Ping Pong and Badminton, and Rich is a pro!  So, the old guys beat the young guys -- repeatedly -- for my first spanking in IN!  Later, we discovered a treasure, two treasures to be exact, in their garage!  We even went for a ride in Rich's '39 Ford Sedan.  What a sweet ride!  Rich is also restoring a '57 Thunderbird convertible!  Can't wait to see it in a year, or so.  We also enjoyed the back porch, and their hot tub.  It was a great blessing after biking all morning and getting a spanking in Pickle Ball from Rich and Andy.

We had a wonderful turkey dinner in the evening, after which Rich and Mary Alice left us their house and went to a nearby home for the night.  What great courage they have!  What hospitality and love we have received!  Luey commented, "We really are ma-fan aren't we!"  I said, "Of course!"

Thank you, Rich and Mary Alice, even for the lesson in Pickle Ball!  :-)

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 45 - July 2 - Newman, IL (Rest Day)

Day 45 - July 2 - Newman, IL (Rest Day)

We spent the day with family, visiting Amish country near Arthur, IL.  Luey and Andy saw lots of things they'd never seen before!  We went to an Amish restaurant, and Rene Malaise took the afternoon off to come down from Champaign and join us.  We all left stuffed beyond stuffed!  Later, we were stuffed again with Elaine's Orzo soup.  It seems that all we've done is eat!

It was great spending a little time with Noah and his buds.  It seems like I haven't seen him in forever.  Thank you for praying for him.  He is not in much pain with his knee, and we will be waiting until we return to Taiwan to go see a specialist.

We head toward our 9th state on Gloritrek -- Indiana -- tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, for days like these!  A little rest is a good thing!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy