Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 80 - Aug 6 - NYC (Retrospect)

Day 80 - Aug 6 - NYC (Retrospect)

This will be my last blog for a while, but I wanted to answer the question I've been asked over and over again thru the last 3500 miles and 14 states, "Are you going to write a book about Gloritrek?"

Before I get to that question, I'd like to thank the countless individuals who have contributed to the journey, not just over the last few months, but for many, many years.  If you are reading this, both you and the Lord know how you have blessed us, and contributed to this journey.  I can't begin to single individuals out; otherwise, I'll never finish.  I can now thank my lovely wife, Brenda, whom I have purposely spoken little about thru Gloritrek.  Why?  It was just too hard to contemplate just how difficult all this was on her.  Words cannot describe the range of emotions she endured, nor the faith she possesses to be willing to go along with Gloritrek!  What a helpmate the Lord has blessed me with!  I am blessed beyond measure!

Now, for the facts of Gloritrek:  Luey, Andy and I biked more than 3500 miles, and visited 14 states.  We spoke in more than 40 venues, to thousands of people.  We had 62 flat tires, with Andy taking the prize for the most.  Our longest day was 107 miles, and we biked 100 or more miles four times.  Our shortest real biking day was 35 miles (all uphill).  The fact that we were never off-schedule simply amazes me, and is a testimony to God's faithfulness and blessing!  Our hardest day, especially as a dad, was when we had to say good-bye to Noah.  Noah was with us for ten days, and he made it through most of the desert before his knee gave out.  He will be going to see the knee specialist within the next couple weeks.  I'm proud of my boy, as I know very few 13 year olds who could have done what my boy did.  Thank you, Lord!

One housekeeping matter:  many have asked to purchase one of our bike jerseys.  NOW, would be the time to send me an e-mail and say, "Count me in for a bike jersey!"  Go 2 sizes larger than you normally wear (all the way up to a 4XL).  E-mail:  gloritrek@gmail.com.  We also still have t-shirts and bracelets left, so please e-mail if you'd like to order some.

Now, the question:  "Are you going to write a book about Gloritrek?"  Gloritrek was not, and is not, about a bike ride from coast-to-coast.  It is about the 7,162 UPG's who have yet to hear the Gospel -- even one time!  We have challenged individuals and churches across the country to make God's passion for UPG's our own passion.  We've challenged Christians to begin their own Gloritreks -- to allow God to use them in "declaring God's glory among the nations."  So, in reality, the book about Gloritrek is up to YOU to write!  How will the Lord use YOU to reach the nations?  Will you adopt an UPG?  Will you partner with Team Expansion?  Will you be willing to go?  WIll you step up, strap on, clip in and start pedaling toward the nations?   If you do begin your own Gloritrek; you, too, will have story after story of how God has done amazing things to build His Kingdom!  YOU will feel God's presence in your life, and God's blessing upon whatever you do in His name!  No, I won't write a book about what we've done this summer, but I would gladly write a book about what YOU do in taking the Gospel to UPG's!

I'm looking forward to returning to Taiwan!  How I miss my Taiwanese brothers and sisters!  We have about a year left before we will set the Come Christian Church free to move forward on their own.  Please pray for us, as we still don't know where and how the Lord will use us in Kingdom service beginning in the fall of 2014.

Again, thank you for being a part of Gloritrek!  Thank you for showing Andy and Luey the love of Jesus Christ, and I pray that one day they will be devoted to following Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  How blessed we have been!  God is so good!

All the pictures have been downloaded to Flickr!  Farewell for now! Thank you for your prayers!
Dave, Luey, Andy and Noah