Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 77 - Aug 3 - Clinton, NJ to NYC

Day 77 - Aug 3 - Clinton, NJ to NYC (54 mi / 3,485 total miles)

Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow!  After 77 days, we've arrived in NYC -- alive, well, on schedule, having experienced the power of God on a daily basis, blessed by the prayers and hospitality of God's people!  Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!

I can't even express with words how I'm feeling right now!  Instead, we'll just include a couple photos of the Gloritrek team, and call it a night!  We'll be headed to the ocean to speak to the campuses of the Evangel Mission Church.  Can't wait!

More later!  Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 76 - July 2 - Grantsville, PA to Clinton, NJ

Day 76 - Aug 2 - Grantsville, PA to Clinton, NJ (102 mi)

Where to begin?  How about we just skip the PA mtn climbs, Brenda sending us out onto the US22 expressway, the thrill of finally leaving PA and walking our bikes into New Jersey (bikes had to be walked across), Chris Leverette joining us at the 70 mile mark -- and just talk about the last mile into the Clinton.

We followed Google Maps and ended up in the middle of a women's prison, and surrounded by a dozen armed security guards!  No kidding!  Instead of hopping on the interstate, we decided to take an old abandoned school road that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere (going around two gates that were marked "No Tresspassing").  "We won't vandalize anything," I thought.  We saw several old, and obviously vacant buildings.  However, as we topped the rise -- there it was -- a prison, with barbed wire  all kinds of security, and guns.  We were quickly surrounded!  (The motel we were headed for was just right out the front gate, and we had ridden down a road and thru their unguarded back gate.)

Anyway, fortunately, the security guards were cool, after they decided we weren't there to break our wives out of prison and use bicycles as getaway!  We spent quite  a while talking about the trip, the bikes and our final destination.  They finally let us go; but it was certainly a scary moment!  Note to self:  1)  Don't trust Google Maps; 2)  If you're faced with a moral dilemma of breaking the law (a traffic ticket vs. a felony), always choose the ticket, since seldom will guns be involved; 3)  Don't ever try to break Brenda out of prison -- I'm horrible at it!

Thank you for your prayers -- all in all, the day ended well!
Dave, Luey and Andy

PS - Sorry, no pictures from our prison break!