10 Topics

Sunday Morning Message
If David is preaching on a Sunday morning, his message is entitled "Declare God's Glory Among the Nations -- Yes, I Can!"  The message will include Power Point and an outline for your bulletin which will be made available prior to Gloritrek.

Especially for the Youth
Noah is available to speak to youth on the topic, "So, What Can I Do?"  All Noah needs is a high ceiling!  Really!  Truly, we believe that the greatest impact of Gloritrek may come through the young people!

10 Ten-Minute Gloritrek Topics
Each of these will be introduced through Power Point or video, and be available for download prior to the event.  We'll need access to a video projector, screen and audio connection to our laptop.  

1.  God's Passion for the Unreached Peoples of the World
This is the only required topic out of the ten.  Unreached peoples may not be on your radar, but they certainly aren't beyond God's love.  We will meet some of the world's unreached people groups, identify challenges and propose possible solutions.

2.  What is Team Expansion?
Or, rather, "Who is Team Expansion?"  We will introduce you to a missions organization and the individuals who have answered God's call to plant churches among the unreached peoples of the world, as well as the churches who have partnered with them.  Together, we will praise God for what HE is doing around the world!

3.  Adopting a People Group?
Is that really possible?  Absolutely!  Allow us to walk you through some of the steps churches have taken to adopt a people group, and what God has done as a result!

4.  Who, me?
Responding to God's call can be a frightening ordeal!  (Believe me, we know!) And, how can I be sure that God is really pointing to me?  Allow David to walk you through what he has learned concerning responding to God's call for your life.  Surprising to David, of all the questions he has been asked in 15 years of missions work, this one probably tops them all!  And, his answer may surprise you!

5.  One Missionary's Story
This is for those who may believe that God can't use YOU!  Many who have heard David's testimony, liken his life to the character Forrest Gump (a 1994 movie of the same name).  David, however, sees similarities to the experiences of Moses.  He was nearly aborted, abandoned, then adopted.  Childhood:  family fell apart, poverty, speech impediment and snakes.  David was convinced God had a plan and was calling, even when few others could see; but first he had to let go of a lot of his baggage.   

6.  How to REALLY Support Your Missionary
What missionaries need the most is not $$$!  This also could be titled, "What every missionary wishes they could tell you, but can't!"  With this topic we'll explore what every church can do to REALLY stand with their missionaries, even on foreign fields.  Not only is the need to do so vital to their success, but it may even energize your congregation in ways you never imagined!

7.  How We Lead People to Christ the "Old-fashioned" Way
This comes through 25 years of ministry, 15 of these years in Taiwan.  We'll walk through how we lead individuals to know Jesus.  This topic is guaranteed to surprise and challenge you, but even more, we hope it motivates you to do the same!

8.  Lessons Learned from Gloritrek 
To say that Gloritrek is a stretch for David would be a huge understatement, but not because of the miles!  True, Gloritrek is a miracle:  a journey from a hospital bed in Asia (made into a Discovery Channel documentary) to your church; but it is so much more -- it is about trusting God completely and stepping out, or, pedaling forward in faith.  Lastly, how are we seeing God's faithfulness.

9.  Foreigners Among You 
Though they may not look the same as you, speak the same language you do, see culture through the same eyes or prefer the same foods -- you do share at least a couple things in common.  God loves you both and your paths have not accidentally intersected!  Especially if you live near a university, you'll want to know how you can be a missionary and not even leave home!

10.  Short-term mission trips
David will share from his experiences some practical suggestions and applications of short-term missions trips by your church.  David & Brenda have hosted teams for more than a decade, as well as organized a yearly Sports & English Camp in Taichung.  

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  1. David:
    We sure enjoyed your presentation at Cherokee Hills Christian Church, in Oklahoma City, last evening! I'll pray that you have a safe and fruitful continuation of your journey.

    Charlie Potts