Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 14 - June 1 - Grants to Albuquerque, NM

Day 14 - June 1 - Grants to Albuquerque, NM (85 miles today / 866 total miles )

Today was a long day!  The welcome to ABQ is "9 Mile Hill," which lives up to its reputation!  Three flats today, one for each of us!  We all struggled at times today -- not sure if it was the altitude or too much Chinese food last night.  Also, we fought a cross wind most of the day, which turned into a head wind at times.  There are forest fires north of ABQ, and we saw the smoke rising from there most of the day.

Speaking of hard days, there will be those days when your resolve is tested  -- especially in missions work.  Can we give up when the lost have yet to hear?

We are being treated wonderfully by Ron & Joy Hunter, which came through a contact with Ted & Bev Skiles.  Ron is retired from the FBI!  Tonight they took us out to a wonderful Mexican restaurant, and for dessert we had sopapillas -- a first for Andy & Luey!

Tomorrow we will attend Hoffmantown Church, with the Hunters.  It is a mega-church and I will be sharing with a large SS class.  We are looking forward to a day off!  We did lots of climbing this week, with one more day on Monday, to Moriarty, NM.  After that, it's pretty much downhill to Texas!

Noah and Emily made it safely back to Central Illinois this afternoon -- even the bike made it!  Special thanks to Chuck & Kathy Foreman, for hosting Noah while we made travel arrangements!  What a blessing they are to us!

Brenda is finished with teaching at MCA, and will spend the next few days getting the house and church ready for us being gone over the summer.  She will then fly to Portland to see friends, and then on to Tulsa to meet us there in two weeks, Lord willing.

Thank you for your prayers, as they really are sustaining us during these long days!

Dave, Luey & Andy