Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 11 - May 29 - Show Low to Holbrook, AZ

Day 11 - May 29 - Show Low to Holbrook, AZ (52 miles)

We left the evergreens of the Show Low area, and headed north on US 77.  We were quickly into the barren high desert and a really strong cross-wind that was into us.  Luey and Andy were amazed at how far you could see, and how far we had to ride.

We only rode 52 miles today, because the next services were not for another 48 miles, on I-40.  We hope that the west wind continues, as tomorrow is 92 miles, up hill, toward Gallup, NM.  Lord willing we will leave AZ, and enter NM.

On a personal note, I was really sad this morning, biking without my buddy.  He is always my comic relief.  Out of habit, I kept looking into my side mirror to see how he was doing, and then reminding myself he's not with us anymore.

I hope his knee is healed enough to join us again when we arrive in IL.

Prayers are appreciated!  Thanks much!

Day 10 - May 28 - Payson to Show Low, AZ

 Day 10 - May 28 - Payson to Show Low, AZ

We headed out at 4:15 AM to tackle the 30 mile climb from 5000 ft to 7,200 ft.  Though Noah made it to the top, he was at the end of his stamina -- and his Gloritrek is over until at least IL.

Noah partially tore his patellar tendon away from the bone near his knee cap during soccer in the spring.  We thought it would be healed enough for Gloritrek.  It wasn't, and was causing him pain.

God provided an angel on a bicycle to assist us, KEN who went and got his car, and even ended up driving Noah back to PHOENIX and the Foreman's.  Emily will be using our FF miles and going to get Noah, Thursday to Saturday.  Please pray for Noah, because we're all pretty bummed by these events.

The ride itself was beautiful!  Though, we bit-off more than we could choose, trying to get to Show Low.  The folks at AICM (American Indian Christian Mission) came and picked us up.  What great host they were!  (Let us not forget that there is still missions work to do here in the USA!)  We spoke that night at the White Mtn Christian Church, in Show Low.  We had a great time of fellowship!