Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 68 - July 25 - Coshocton to Malvern, IL

Day 68 - July 25 - Coshocton to Malvern, IL (68 mi)

I made a startling discovery today!  My speedometer/odometer is off slightly.  For every 60 miles we ride, we are shorted 1.5 miles.  So, in reality, we've biked farther than the total 2825 miles I've recorded, a whopping 70 miles farther -- more than an average day of riding.  And, that puts us at nearly 2900 miles.  I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but what if those 70 miles were all up hill, or into a head wind.  Okay, enough about that -- for the moment!  :-)

We were so blessed today to have Kevin and Cindy Grindstaff drive down to Coshocton very early this morning.  Cindy hauled our bags back to Malvern and Kevin rode with us.  It was Kevin who alerted me to the discrepancy with my speedometer.  Anyway, Kevin had charted our course and broke wind for us nearly all morning.  (It was a very hilly day, but only a prelude of what is ahead -- the mtns of PA!)  When we arrived at their home, Cindy had a great lunch already laid out for us!  Wonderful!

Tonight, First Christian Church, Malvern, will host a Gloritrek event!  We have had three churches in the Canton area who have supported us in Taiwan for many years -- First Christian, in Malvern; Indian Run, in East Canton; and First Christian, in Canton.  We'll get to visit all three on Gloritrek!  Tomorrow, more than a dozen cyclist from FCC (Malvern) will join Luey, Andy, Noah and me for a bike ride of about 6 miles to the Indian Run Christian Church.  That's right, Lord willing, Noah and Brenda (along with Mack and Elaine), will make it out here from IL tomorrow afternoon, so Noah can take part in the short bike ride.  Noah can ride a little ways, with not much pain, if he doesn't strain as he cranks.

Back to the slightly off speedometer, it reminds me of several churches we have encountered on Gloritrek.  They are startled to find out that they support many worthwhile missions, but not a single one is working among an UPG.  That's not unusual, since 9 out of every 10 FT missionaries around the world is working among a people group that is more than 5% Christian.  Yet, there are still more than 7,000 people groups who are still in desperate need!  Fortunately, Team Expansion can help them adopt an unreached people group (UPG), and begin their own Gloritrek!  (You can see these and more statistics on

Regardless of the distance traveled, the Lord has been with us all the way!  So, thank you for praying!

Dave, Luey and Andy