Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 57 - July 14 - E Louisville (Worship Day)

Day 57 - July 14 - E Louisville (Worship Day)

We spent the morning with the River Valley Christian Church, in Prospect, KY.  What a wonderful morning with God's people!  We were also thrilled to see the president of our mission, Doug and Penny Lucas, in attendance.  We shared with a combined Sunday Schools and then preached during worship. The response to our visit was a great blessing.  One young lady said she wants to be a missionary someday, and even gave Doug her contact info -- you can bet she'll be hearing from Team Expansion.  Another lady wrote me a very nice note, sharing that God had used me to speak directly to her heart and her need.  Praise the Lord!

Following worship we went to a Southern comfort food restaurant with the Roach family.  Aside from the unfortunate Skyline incident, we have had a terrific time with this wonderful family!  What did we eat that was "Southern-style:  Luey had chicken pot pie, Andy had a "Hot Brown," and I had meat loaf over mashed taters!  Yum!  We needed to get on the bikes TODAY, just to work off lunch.  This evening, we'll be eating dinner with another Team Expansion co-laborer here at the Roach home, Wendy Gibson.  Haven't seen her or Glen in forever.  They live on the West Coast and help with recruiting and new recruits in the area of deputation -- that is, support raising.

Please pray with me -- the 8th annual SPORTS AND ENGLISH CAMP began in Taiwan today.  Please pray for the 140+ campers and nearly 60 staff members (many just arrived from the US -- despite the typhoon that blew threw).  So, please pray that many, many will meet the Lord this week!  Pray for the faculty, especially Chad and Alicia Edwards, who are leading this week of camp!  Next year, it will be Brenda and I!  Would you like to be a part of our faculty -- now would be the time to start planning!

Tomorrow to Carrollton!
Thank you for praying!

Dave, Luey and Andy