Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 44 - July 1 - Monticello to Newman, IL

Day 44 - July 1 - Monticello to Newman, IL (48 miles)

It feels as if we're being lulled to sleep with short bike rides, lots of love and an overabundance of food!    We've had two days off, not counting this past Sunday, in the past week!  We all got massages in Monticello, and have even had ample time to lay by the pool!

Bryce Schaffer joined us from Monticello to Newman, only 48 miles on back roads and the flatest county in the state of Illinois.  Bryce was one of our interns two summers ago, and joined us in the 10-day Tour de-Taiwan.  Bryce just graduated high school, and has a bright future ahead, which I pray, includes a missions focus!

We arrived in Newman, at Brenda's parent's antique museum/home by 10:15 AM, and were promptly served an early lunch.  The afternoon was spent shopping at the outlet mall in Tuscola.  Luey and Andy had things they wanted to buy for family back in Taiwan.  Later, we went to Larry and Linda Updegraff's farm for tractor and 4-wheeler rides.  The guys were thrilled!

Brocton Christian Church hosted a Gloritrek event, with folks coming from several other churches here in Central Illinois.  It was a great turn-out for a Monday night!  We saw so many old friends, whom we dearly love!  How many times can one person be hugged in an evening!?!  Of course, this is the church that Brenda and I wed in, so lots of great memories going back more than 25 years.  What sweet fellowship and sweet desserts!  Luey said he had five desserts!  The church also collected an offering for Gloritrek -- more than $1000!  How the Lord has blessed the Gloritrek team!  We pray that as we go, it will not be the memory of the ride, but rather God's passion for the 7,162 UPG's that God's people remember!  May the Holy Spirit never let us forget, and create within us a passion that will not allow us to sit idly-by while there are still those who have never heard the name of Jesus!

This morning, day 45 and a rest day, we're going to Amish country with Mack and Elaine!  Tomorrow, Lord willing, we point our wheels toward Indiana and Louisville by the weekend -- all for God's glory!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy