Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 51 - July 8 - Louisville, KY (NACC)

Day 51 - July 8 - Louisville, KY (7 mi / 2,446 total mi)

We made the short ride from SE Louisville to downtown for the NACC (North American Christian Convention.  Several of the Team Expansion folks were setting up the booth and wall of unreached people groups, and we joined in on the fun.  It was great to see our co-workers who serve full-time here in Louisville.

Many would dismiss the importance of the stateside personnel, but let me say that without them we could not do what we do overseas!  They are the true unsung heroes!  They do what they do because they love the Lord, and want to see His kingdom come around the world!  THey do not receive the praise they deserve!  Seriously, we're a team, and without their vital ministry, we would not be as effective.  Who would recruit?  Who would train?  Who would insure that our e-mail remains secure?  Who would publish reports?  Who would hold us accountable?  Who would provide expert advice on how to plant churches in distant lands?  Who would.......?  Granted, the churches that support us and pray for us are vital too?  But the roles for both the mission organization and the church are different.  Both are necessary for the missionary to be successful!

Support the missionary -- YES -- both in prayer and financially!  Support the missions organization -- YES -- both in prayer and financially!  WIthout them the 7,162 will not be reached!

See you at the NACC!  Look for the bike hanging from the rafters!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 50 - July 7 - Louisville, KY (Worship Day)

Day 50 - July 7 - Louisville, KY (Worship Day)  

Our 50th day on the road -- we drove the Ashley's new SUV to Southeast Christian Church this Lord's Day morning.  Southeast is one of the largest churches in the country and has partnered with Team Expansion in numerous projects around the world.  An old classmate from Cincinnati Bible College (now CCU), Dave Stone, is the senior minister.

He preached on a topic I've never heard anyone preach about on a Sunday morning -- pornography!  Very well done, Dave!  Having a son entering his teen years, it was well worth hearing!  How vigilant we must all be to protect our eyes, and the eyes of our children.  What an addiction that can destroy lives and families!

After worship we went out to Team Expansion's Emerald Hills and walked the trails.  It was beautiful out there on a Sunday afternoon.  What a day of rest and worship!  I thanked God for the 300+ full-time missionaries around the world who are on the front lines in reaching out to the UPG's of the world!  BTW, how many are there?

We are looking forward to the NACC, and a week of fellowship with thousands of the Lord's faithful.  We hope to see folks we've not seen in years.  We hope to be blessed and to be a blessing!

I'll be sharing about Gloritrek on Wednesday morning, at 8:30 AM.  Not sure of the location.

Hope to see you at the NACC!  You can see the wall of unreached peoples -- all 7,162 of them!  What will YOU do about that number?

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 49 - July 6 - Salem, IN to Louisville, KY

Day 49 - July 6 - Salem, IN to Louisville, KY (45 mi)

Sorry, this is a couple days late -- we were without internet for a couple days.

We were blessed on Saturday morning to have Steve and Susie Edwards with us as we rode into Louisville.  Steve rode with us, and Susie drove their car with our saddle bags.  Though it rained the entire morning, we made good time, arriving at the bridge across the Ohio River before 9:30 AM.

When it is raining, it is really hard to figure out what to wear.  Putting on a rain jacket is like bringing on a greenhouse effect -- instantly sweaty.  Of course, to not wear a jacket gets you instantly soaked.  I opted for not wearing a bike jersey and just wearing the rain jacket.

We rode on from the Ohio River to the home of Larry and Cathy Ashley, long-time friends of Mack and Elaine.  And, though they are vacationing in Europe, they still loaned us their home and new Buick SUV.  What a blessing!

Because it is a holiday weekend and the weekend before the NACC, we had difficulty arranging a church to host us this weekend.  No worries, we'll be attending Southeast on Sunday.

We thank you for praying -- as we are now more than 2/3 of the way into Gloritrek, and have seen over and over again, the Lord answering your prayers for our safety.  We are blessed!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy