Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 30 - June 17 - Tulsa to Vinita, OK

Day 30 - June 17 - Tulsa to Vinita, OK (64 miles / 1620 total m)

We left Taiwan, a month ago today!  The morning started with a crack of lightning and the retort of thunder.  As Ed and I took Brenda to the Tulsa airport, it was raining hard.  Brenda's flight to MSP was delayed, but we said our goodbyes -- never easy!  We were back to Ed & Doris' by a little after 6 AM.  And, after we had eaten breakfast, the rain had stopped and we said our goodbyes to the Kuelzer's.  What a wonderful blessing the family of God is!  What sweet fellowship thru Jesus Christ our Lord!

We were on I-44 briefly thru Tulsa, which saved us lots of traffic lights, and then headed NE on Rt 66 toward Vinita.  It was much quieter, and the road, for the most part was good.  Nevertheless, we had 6 flat tires, 2 for each of us.  My rear tire went flat for the second time within sight of the motel in Vinita - I just walked it in!  About halfway the wind picked up (mostly into us) and it started to rain harder and harder.  Fortunately, we are scheduled to be anywhere today and we took it slow.  We arrived in Vinita by 1:30 PM, managing about 12.5 miles an hour.  We were completely drenched!  We've spent the afternoon repairing inner-tubes, and washing wet and stinky laundry.

Over the weekend, it was encouraging to look at a big 2-page atlas map of the US, and notice that Tulsa was located east of the middle of the page!  We're on the right side of the US, and have come more than 1600 miles!  In a month's time, one day at a time, we've crossed nearly half the US!  I can't help but compare this Gloritrek to the challenges of church planting among a UPG!  It won't happen over-night; but if you are faithful and consistent, God will bless and you'll see progress being made!  It won't always be easy, and we'll be tempted to give up, but God's glory and lost people groups are worth the effort -- for we are servants of the Living God!

Tomorrow we head to Joplin, MO; and the College Heights Christian Church -- a model of what we would hope every church would aspire to be/do for UPG's!

Thanks for praying for us!
Dave, Luey and Andy


Day 28 - June 15 - Stroud to Tulsa, OK

Day 28 - June 15 - Stroud to Tulsa, OK (58 miles)

The hills from OKC leveled out a little as we got closer to Tulsa.  We biked on Rt 66, much quieter than the interstate, but no shoulder beyond the white line -- only the ditch.  This only presented a problem once, when an oil tanker truck nearly ran me off the road.  Despite no on-coming traffic, the trucker didn't move his truck over an inch!  It was close, but the Lord took care of us yet again!  We arrived a little before noon.

We arrived in Tulsa and went straight to Ed & Doris Kuelzer's home.  Ed is the missions chairman of the Sandusky Ave Christian Church.  Had we know what was for lunch, we would have pedaled faster!  Ed made brisket -- 5 days in the preparation!  Doris made wonderful potato salad, baked beans, brownies....It was all outstanding!  Luey said it was the best meat he has ever tasted!  We ate lunch with the preacher -- Paul Ortiz!  Doris collects plates from England and elsewhere - a very lovely couple and beautiful home!  Wonderful hosts!

Brenda was waiting for us in Tulsa!  It was an answer to prayer to be reunited with my bride of more than 25 years.  It was a little tearful, I must admit!  We went out Saturday evening

with our old friends John & Julie Wiscaver.  It was great seeing them again and catching up with them.

Day 29 - June 16 - Tulsa, OK (Worship Day)

Day 29 - June 16 - Tulsa, OK (Worship Day)

Sandusky Ave Christian Church hosted us, and Paul Ortiz allowed me to preach for the morning worship.  It was a great morning!  Since it was FATHER'S DAY, we related stepping out in faith as a dad to the legacy we pass on to our children.  Abraham, became a father and a blessing to the nations -- through faith!

Jack Foreman, Chuck Foreman's dad, came to SACC to see us.  Of course, Jimmy Foreman, is Chuck's younger brother and the youth minister at SACC.  It was great seeing them, as we've heard so many stories about them.

Ed and Doris invited Jack for lunch, and Ed again barbecued for us!  What a blessing!  In the evening they hosted their CARE group for an evening of Q & A with the missionary.  We introduced Taiwan and talked about some of the exciting things happening around the world!  What a group!  I've never had a group ask so many great questions!

It was a great day with Sandusky Ave, and we pray that maybe something that was shared through Gloritrek will bear Kingdom fruit!  Thank you, Ed & Doris  -- what a blessing you are to us!