Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 36 - June 23 - St Louis (Ferguson, MO)

Day 36 - June 23 - St Louis (Ferguson, MO - Worship Day)

Today has been an awesome day as we worshipped with the Ferguson Christian Church, a church in the north suburb of St Louis.  The church has just recently moved back into their church building as two years ago a tornado ripped the roof off on Good Friday.

This morning I shared with the SS classes about the "Story Behind Gloritrek."  It's really about trusting God.  So, one kind sister came to talk to me between services with tears in her eyes.  She is a single mother.  I have some experience in being raised by a single mother -- so I am praying for her and her son.  During worship I spoke on "God's Passion for Unreached Peoples."  Because Ferguson Christian Church has been partnered with Chad and Alicia, in Taiwan, they were already familiar with the "10/40 Window."  Also, Larry and Nancy Doggett, long-time missionaries to Africa are members of Ferguson.  Larry still teaches at St Louis Christian College.  One of their daughters, Jenny, and her family, are also missionaries in Mexico, and were with us this morning!  A beautiful family!

At the end of worship the congregation gathered around Luey, Andy and me and prayed for us!  Very moving!  They also received a special offering for Gloritrek!  What kindness and generosity!  Then, we had a wonderful fellowship dinner.  We went away full in every way!

Bob and Jeannie then took us to downtown St Louis and the Gateway Arch.  Luey and Andy were really amazed by its size.  What a unique place it is!  We had a great time by the river!  No sooner than we arrive back at the Edward's home, and the black clouds rolled in ominously and it began to dump rain!  I am sitting on the back porch and the sound of the rain, thunder and lightning is truly deafening!

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will cross the Mighty Mississippi, and enter Illinois!  Our 8th state!  Lord willing, Noah will rejoin the Gloritrek team in Beardstown on Tuesday!

Isn't it wonderful to be a part of the family of God!
Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy

Day 35 - June 22 - Rolla to St Louis, MO

Day 35 - June 22 - Rolla to St Louis, MO (72 miles)

It is the Lord's Day morning here in St Louis, and we are being hosted by Bob and Jeannie Edwards, the parents of our terrific co-workers in Taiwan, Chad and Alicia Edwards.  It was Chad who designed our t-shirts, bike jerseys, bikes and produced the videos (promo and Noah's).  I'm sitting on the back porch, listening to birds sing as I type this -- "ti how la!"  (that's Chinese for "too good!")  Luey is eating cake for breakfast!

Yesterday was a great day, made much easier by the Edwards!  They e-mailed us early in the week and asked if they could drive out of St Louis and meet us, as it was proving difficult to find a route to N. St Louis -- over the rivers and thru the woods.  No sooner did we meet up with the Edwards, and the Lord opened the heavens and it began to dump rain.  How many times has that happened on this trip!

We went straight-away to a local bike shop and replaced a couple tires!  2000 miles must be the limit for road tires carry saddle bags!  We also found tire liners -- a sheet of plastic that goes between the tire and the tubes that is suppose to be puncture proof -- "ti how la!"

Last night we had a wonderful dinner -- St Louis style barbecue pork chops, and then were forced to watch the Cardinals play!  In between these, we made a call to wish Cordelia Kurtz, from Fisher, IL; a happy 100th birthday!  What a sweet sister in the Lord!  I was her pastor years ago before we made the move to Taiwan!  Cordelia is a woman of strong faith and a true prayer warrior!  We also did a two-day interview with a radio station in Central Illinois.  It will aire on Monday and Tuesday, morning and evening, on WGNJ, Great News Radio!  You can also listen on-line:

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy