Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 24 - McLean, OK to Elk City, OK

Day 24 - McLean, OK to Elk City, OK  (75 miles)
(Yes, I am correcting the timeline -- we are on day 24, not day 23)

Afternoon temperatures are going over 100 F, so we left the Cactus Inn a little before 6:00 AM.  Our breakfast was pizza and poptarts.  It was about 37 miles to the Texas / Oklahoma border, and we were treated by the Lord to a wonderful sunrise -- colors that only God could paint!

We stopped by the OK welcome center -- the nicest rest area I've ever seen -- even Elk antler chandeliers!  We've met lots of nice folks at the rest areas we visit -- even sharing the reason for Gloritrek.  Sometimes, we've really had to tear ourselves away!

Right after we left the welcome center, we caught up to Hiro again -- the young man from Japan who is biking and camping solo across the US.  He is carrying a lot of gear -- and has a bigger camera than Luey!

We got off of I-40 and rode 10 miles on Route 66.  We followed the original highway, which is now overgrown with trees.  We enjoyed the quiet highway, but not all the bumping along.  So, we opted to get back on I-40.  We arrived in Elk City a little after noon.  We understand there is a Christian Church here in town.  Our co-worker in Taiwan, Scott Pagel tried to reach the church for us, and never had any success.  Too bad, as we'd much prefer to share our message, rather than spend another night in a motel!  We're looking forward to OKC and Tulsa, as we have churches hosting us in both places!  Also, Brenda will fly into Tulsa and spend the weekend with us.  It will have been a month since we left Taiwan to begin Gloritrek!

This morning I was thinking about URGENCY as we biked along.  There is an urgency in our biking -- to finish biking early and beat the afternoon heat.  Is there an urgency to the Gospel message?  You bet!  Jesus said, "I am coming soon!"  Come, Lord Jesus!

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Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey & Andy