Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 23 - June 10 - Amarillo to McLean, TX

Day 23 - June 10 - Amarillo to McLean, TX (75 miles / 1245 total miles)

It was time to leave Amarillo, where we had been hosted wonderfully by Lennie, and the WACC brethren.  Lennie was heading to camp in NM, and we headed east, following I-40 and Rt 66.  It was 70 degrees by 7:30 AM, and got up to 100 degrees by 1 PM.  We were aided by a strong SW wind, and averaged 15 MPH an hour, but 4 flat tires slowed us down a bit.  One for Luey(#10) and 3 for Andy (#12).

We arrived about 11 AM at Groom, TX; and the 183 ft tall cross.  It was really amazing -- certainly worth stopping to see.  Statues surround the cross depicted Jesus before Pilate and all the way to Calvary.  It's definitely a special place!  And, you may notice that we diverted from our original route (to Pampa, TX); and now you know why -- we wanted to see the cross at Groom!

Today we also met a cross-country solo biker, a Japanese fellow who spoke very little English and is tent camping.  He was so dark, I never would have guessed he was Japanese!  I would expect we'll see him again!

We arrived in McLean about 2 PM,  as the sun was really starting to beat us down.  We're in a little motel -- very nice, called the Cactus Inn Motel.  Peggy, the owner, is a really nice lady, and I'd recommend this little motel to anyone.

Tomorrow is another 75 miles to Elk City -- and we hope to get an earlier start.  Thank you for praying!

Dave, Luey & Andy

Day 22 - June 9 - Amarillo, TX (Worship Day)

Day 22 - June 9 - Amarillo, TX (Worship Day)

We spent the day with the Washington Ave Christian Church.  Lennie McCay, Assoc. Minister, was a terrific host.  I spoke to Lennie's SS class, a fine group of 60-70 adults.  Since they were studying Acts; Lennie chose 3 of the 10 ten-minute topics:  God's Passion for UPG's, the Story Behind Gloritrek & How We Share the Gospel.  It was a great morning!  In worship we looked at the story in I Kings of Elijah and the widow of Zaraphath.  In order to see God do amazing things (like the flour and oil never running out), she had to first act in faith -- making a cake for Elijah.  Because of her faith, she and her son lived!  And, I think we'll one day see them in heaven!  Faith can conquer fear!  It was good for us to hear!  Every day we set out on the bikes we pray:  for strength, for safety, for God's glory to be revealed through our efforts.

For lunch we went to the best Mexican Resturant in Amarillo.  We all ate way too much!  Then, we went to replace Luey's camera with a smaller version, as his 35 MM camera broke down in NM.

Sunday evening we went to an all-church picnic with WACC brethren.  We got to eat homemade icecream!  It was a wonderful evening!  The evening ended with watching game 2 of the NBA finals, and packing for the week ahead -- 400 miles to Tulsa!

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey & Andy