Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 9 - Phoenix to Payson, AZ

Day 9 - May 27 (Memorial Day) (77 m / 89 m)

This morning we started out a little after 4 AM (Luey, Andy & Dave).  Noah had the option of sleeping in and riding up the mtn with Fu in his big pick-up truck.  You know what Noah chose!

Aside from our first bike accident, we made good time in the morning out of PHX.  And, who has spent years riding scooters in Taiwan, accidentally pulled his left-hand break, the front break, when stopping suddenly.  In Taiwan, scooters use the left-hand break for rear breaking, and many bike riders in Taiwan switch the hand brakes, just to avoid that common mistake.  Andy is fine, except for a few scrapes.

Fu & Noah met up with us when we were half-way, at about 45 miles, and after much climbing.  Payson is at 5,000 ft and PHX is at at a little over 1,000 ft.  If it was only 4,000 ft of climbing -- that would have been fine.  No, there were several long Cat 2 & 3 climbs.  Yes, mtn climbs are categorized by their level of difficulty, with Cat. 1 being the hardest.  Altogether, there was more than 6,800 ft of climbing.  Luey & Andy did the whole thing in 12 hours.  I called it quits after 10 hours and 77 miles, and when Fu needed to get back to PHX.  He was our support vehicle all day -- what a blessing no having to carry our panniers.

Tomorrow we head to Show Low and and the White Mtn Christian Church.
Thanks for praying!
D, N, L, A

Day 8 - May 26 - Phoenix (Worship Day)

Day 8 - May 26 - First Christian Church, Phoenix (Worship Day

It was a wonderful day of worship with the FCC folks, in Phoenix.  And, it was a true blessing to see our old co-workers from Taiwan, Chuck & Kathy Foreman; spending the weekend with them.  We go way back; and speak the same language -- Chinese -- though his is much better than mine!

We preached two services on Sunday morning, and Noah spun his Chinese yo-yo -- even throwing it over my head while I spoke.  The FCC building is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed structure, and is amazing.  Luey and Andy were very moved by the people they met and the size of the church.

Preaching wise, it was Fu (Chuck) who had to tell me to "Get a grip!"  It was always me who had to tell Fu that in Taiwan, and I even made him a plaque which hangs in his office.  Why?  I haven't really written about what an emotional experience the desert was, just because I'm not sure it can be put in words.  It is enough to say that there were several times when we were in peril from heat, lack of water, or because we were in the middle of nowhere.  As a dad, trust the Lord with my own life and being satisfied with the outcome is okay with me.  But, my son's life?  I felt much like Abraham, who was told to go and sacrifice his son, Isaac.  What a choice to make?  And, how did Abraham respond?  And, what was he promised for his faithfulness?  Yes, that "all nations would be blessed" through him!

We had a wonderfully relaxing day in the Foreman's pool.  Noah learned that he doesn't want to mess with "old guys."  We ate pizza and watched part of a movie before heading to repack and prepare for another early morning -- a 3:30 AM wake up!