Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 39 - June 26 - Beardstown to Lincoln, IL

Day 39 - June 26 - Beardstown to Lincoln, IL (68 miles)

At about 5 AM, Brenda and I gave Tabitha a hug and a kiss and sent her off to Houston.  Brenda may see her again this summer, but I probably will not.  It's never easy saying good-bye!

Noah picked  a fine day to rejoin the Gloritrek team!  Not long after we said good-bye to Pastor Mike Courson, Stacy Young and Brenda; it started to rain.  It rained really hard for a good 30-40 miles.  We were all drenched.  About half-way to Lincoln, Noah's knee began to hurt, and by the time we arrived in Lincoln, Noah was ready to call it quits.  He really wanted to rejoin us on Gloritrek , but his knee is just not ready to go.  We hope he can try again in a week or two.  Sorry, buddy!

We arrived at Lincoln Christian University, where I graduated from the seminary way back in 1995!  It's too bad we couldn't arrange a Gloritrek event for one of the churches here in Lincoln or LCU.  It would have been nice to be here while school was still in session.  Perhaps one day we can return and share some of our experiences and insights from Gloritrek or church planting in the 10/40 Window.

Tomorrow it is on to Fisher, where we served for 5 years prior to leaving for Taiwan.  We will have two nights there, with a Gloritrek event on Friday night.  Looking forward to seeing lots of terrific people!

Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey, Andy and Luey

Day 38 - June 25 - Carrollton to Beardstown, IL

Day 38 - June 25 - Carrollton to Beardstown, IL (58 miles / 2029 total miles)

We went over 2,000 miles today, a milestone we just had to stop and celebrate!  Buoyed by a southerly breeze, we made excellent time to Beardstown; arriving around 10:30 AM.  Bob and Stacey Young hosted us, with Bob even driving down the highway to greet us, and take our bags.

Shortly after lunch, Brenda arrived with Noah and Tabitha.  Tabitha is leaving for and internship in Houston, TX, in the morning.  Noah, Luey and Andy all went fishing with Bob.  The prize for catching the biggest fish goes to Andy!

The B'town brethren have been long-time supporters of our work in Taiwan.  It was great to see so many familiar faces at the Gloritrek program; including our old co-workers, Lance and Kim Hampton.  They are both on staff at FCC.  After the Gloritrek program, Emily surprised me by driving over from Champaign.  She brought black cake and balloons to celebrate my 50th birthday -- which took place out in the desert west of Phoenix.  I was quite surprised!

Noah is planning on joining us tomorrow as we pedal to Lincoln!  It reminds me that sometimes things don't go exactly as you envision or plan.  The same is true when we set out to adopt a people group or plant churches among a UPG!  Though things don't always go as planned we must still trust that the Lord is in control and He loves us -- even Noah!  :-)

Thanks for praying!
Dave, Luey, Andy and Noah