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E-mail us anytime:

If you need to talk to someone, here are four options:
Emily Harrison, 217-418-9751, our daughter and the Gloritrek coordinator.  She will have up-to-date info, and be handling logistical matters, as well as being able to reach us directly.  
Mack & Elaine, 217-837-2981, Brenda's folks.  They can put you in touch with Brenda, after June 7th.
Kathy Murrell, 217-678-8258, our outstanding forwarding agent.  She can help you with ordering t-shirts and wrist bands, as well as send you promotional materials.  She will also be able to reach us.
In an emergency situation, call Jim Richter, Global Security Director for Team Expansion:  502-813-2068. 

1)  To receive Gloritrek updates, and daily blog activity during the trek, please enter your e-mail address in the box at the top, and click submit. You will be prompted to enter a special code to confirm your request. Thanks for following Gloritrek!  
2)  IMPORTANT:  while we're on Gloritrek, please use the e-mail address to contact us (David & Noah).   
3)  And, you'll be able to use the real-time GPS tracker link on this web-site to follow us on Gloritrek! 


  1. We're currently visiting T.E., having been connected to them through the Kairos course. We've been facilitating the course in the UK for the past several years, and now are stateside for a furlough, and are seeking God for our future.
    I've been prayer cycling around the English city of Bradford for several years, and when I saw your banner in the T.E. office it certainly caught my attention!
    Are you inviting others to cycle along with you, either partially or the entire route?
    I'll sign up to pray for you guys regardless!
    Peace and joy to you as you prepare for this spiritual and physical journey across the nation (which so desperately needs to know God's heart for missions!)
    His Word to the World,

    1. Hi, Kent! Thank you for your prayers and interest in Gloritrek! Yes, we will, I'm certain, have folks who bike along with us for a day, or part of a day, here and there. However, for several reasons, we are not advocating individuals join us for the long haul. Why? We are relying on the hospitality of churches every evening to house and feed us. We are attempting to maintaining a near daily speaking schedule, which demands that we push a certain pace. Safety is always a concern, and we are not planning to ride with a support vehicle, but will carry everything we need.

      Having said all that, I'd be very pleased to meet you and invite you to join us in a daily ride in or around Louisville, if that is convenient for you!

      Blessings as you seek Him!
      David Atkin

  2. The Gloritrek sounds like a wonderful adventure and vision from the Lord. I think it would be great if there was also a Facebook page to post updates for the trip. I posted a link to this blog on my Facebook page to let my FB friends know about Gloritrek. I'm hoping make it to one or more of the events when you all get to Illinois, and, possibly host you. God bless your family and give you all all of the things you need to prepare for your ride.

    Nicole (Carriere) Sweeney
    Lincoln Christian College, class of 1995
    Lincoln Christian Seminary, class of 2000