Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 7 - May 25 - Wickenburg to Phoenix, AZ

Day 7 - May 25  - Wickenburg to Phoenix (53 miles)

After being treated to a marvelous breakfast by Pastor Victor, in Wickenburg, we set out to the SE in 58 degree temps.  Noah was freezing, but the other three of us were delighted to not be riding in 110 degree heat -- which I believe Noah prefers (strange boy...takes after mom).  Luey had another flat tire (4 in 6 days).  It was a great early morning ride, and we averaged nearly 15 mph or better for nearly three hours.  We even met a couple of cyclists along the way.

We arrived on the NW edge of Phoenix at around 10 AM, and were greeted by Joe, a biker and leader at FCC.  He escorted us into the city along one of the bike trails near a water canal -- a very safe way to arrive into America's 5th largest city!

We couldn't be happier to be staying with our old friends from Taiwan -- Chuck & Kathy Foreman!  What a blessing to be with them!  Looking forward to sharing with the church in two services tomorrow morning!

And, yes, we went and bought Noah another jacket for the ride ahead!  :-)