Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 48 - Bloomington to Salem, IN

Day 48 - Bloomington to Salem, IN (53 miles / 2393 total miles)

We were doubly blessed to be able to spend the evening with John Dunn's family in Ellettsville and Bloomington.  Ron (John's brother) and Florence treated us so well, we didn't want to leave -- even homemade ice cream!  The fireworks yesterday evening were really entertaining!  Of course, Luey and Andy were thrilled to join in the 4th of July festivities!  We got to Judy Dunn's home a little before 11 PM.  Judy is John's mother.  She had, earlier in the day, transported our bikes the 15 miles from Ellettsville to Bloomington, as there is no way we could have gotten back on our bikes after all the food they fed us!

This morning, Judy fixed us a wonderful breakfast and gave us all hugs as we said goodbye.  We got a little later start this morning because we had been up fairly late last night -- we were on the road a little before 8 AM.  We rode IN 37, which is a four-lane highway; and then IN60, a two lane route.  Though we didn't have as steep climbs today, we still ended up ascending nearly 2000 ft.  Our legs were all a little tired when we got off the bikes at a small motel here in Salem.

We will soon go over 2,400 miles; which puts us more than 2/3 of the way to NYC -- less than a month from now, Lord willing!  I still won't allow myself to dwell on August 3rd, and NYC!  Lord, "give us this day, our daily bread."  And, don't worry about tomorrow; but speaking of a great phone call just a few minutes ago!

Tomorrow, Steve and Susie Edwards will join us into L'ville.  Yeah!  (Steve is the guy who ran across the US more than 15 years ago.)  Susie will drive a support vehicle for us, so we won't need to carry our bags!  Yeah!  And, Steve has already driven tomorrow's route, so we shouldn't get lost riding into L'ville!  Yeah!  Staying at our long-time friends home in L'ville -- with a hot tub!  Yeah!  See how the Lord continually provides?  We are truly blessed!

PS - Will you be at the NACC?  Send us an e-mail:  We'd love to see you!
PSS - Lots of new pictures have been uploaded to the Gloritrek Flickr site.

Thank you for praying!
Dave, Luey and Andy